Come and Laugh with me and let your happiness shine!

The leading energizer speaker and happiness coach, Jo-Dee Walmsley, provides workshops and training in Stress Management through the Power of Laughter , to Individuals OF ALL AGES, Corporations and groups to facilitate team-building, Resilience, stress relief, self-actualization, and happiness.
Jo-Dee – “Changing the World – one Laugh at a time.”

“Our ultimate goal as a government is for happiness as a way of life,” Sheikh Mohammed

DID YOU KNOW: Laughter is the shortcut to the brain and turns off fear factors that can relieve stress and make you happy?

Laughter got Jo-Dee out of a serious depression after she went from living a glamorous, well paid dream life of being an international headline performer, to losing it all in a few minutes due to an injury.

Jo-Dee Walmsley

Jo-Dee Walmsley

Now, as a professional motivational speaker and facilitator of Laughter Wellness, Jo-Dee is helping people in business that face stress and other work-related illnesses, to find better ways to live more productive and healthier lives.

To assist business executives and their staff in becoming more focused, productive and motivated, Jo-Dee offers:

• Stress Busters designed to help to reduce physical, mental and emotional stress at the same time. It works simultaneously both on body and mind.

  • • Team Builders that will change the work environment drastically by making people happy and cheerful, bringing positive mental attitude, hope and optimism in the workforce. It also increases communication skills to help in team-building.
    “People who laugh together, work together”

*  Managing your mind for Success Program.
• 1-2 day Happiness & Wellness Workshops guaranteed to encourage Leadership skills, Innovation , Creativity, Motivation and communication, Increasing Attention Span, not only improves the quality and efficiency of their work, it also improves their quality of life. If people are happy in the company, they can make their customers & DED

Children and parents sessions are also a focus in our fast-changing world, children are increasingly faced with different childhood realities low concentration, academic pressure, parental pressure and lack of emotional bonding. There is an increasing need for Laughter and Playfulness in children of all ages as they strive to meet the demands of school, college and parents. Also with parents hectic schedule there is a need for good quality time together and laughter yoga offers this and helps to solidify that important bond. Sessions are offered in schools, children’s gyms and many other venues.


With her optimistic, energetic manner, Jo-Dee has mastered the art of communication. Due to the amazing flair that she possesses in making people feel relaxed and at ease, participants in her Laughter Yoga sessions settle into them more quickly and enjoyably.

Having spent over 10 years living and working throughout the Middle East, Jo-Dee has had the privilege of sharing inspiration and motivation with her Laughter Yoga throughout the world. She has encouraged and lifted the spirits of many struggling with various business-related stresses. She would love to offer the same to you.