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Laughter in Dubai
Mar 08

Laughing with Cancer Survivors from Brest Friends in Dubai


Laughter in Dubai

I had the great honor to ‘Speak’ about the Benefits of Laughter’ with the Ladies of Brest Friends Cancer Survivors a couple of weeks ago.
What an amazing time laughing with these strong woman . I am so grateful for the experience and loved the reminder of why I do what I do! Laughter is a powerful tool yay!!

I shared with them about the wonderful benefits of laughter and how it can change their mood and help them through he tough times.  How to deal with difficult results and challenging situations. How to change their reactions to turn things into a positive outcome.

The wonderful lady who organized the event had this to say which really touched my heart.

‘And just to say a great big thank you also. I didn’t quite realise the effect of me ‘laughing’ so much on my 3 year old, both at home and in the car. When he did a few silly things, I turned it into a big laughter matter and he was absolutely hysterical (and ironically much better behaved afterwards – great distraction tool). It looks like 1 hour of laughter yoga will have a lifetime of benefits. *Thank you again!!*’

I am so blessed and grateful that I have this GIFT to pass on to the world.