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Mar 12

Happiness & Laughing with the Dubai Department of Economic Development


jo-Dee & DEDI had the great privilege to Speak at the Best Practice Awards held with Dubai Quality Group and the Department of Economic Development last week.  In line with HH Sheikh Mohammed’s new Happiness
initiative, I showed the 400+ delegates the power of laughter in the aim to BE Happy.

jo-dee DED Crowd

Being HAPPY is a choice, and I made this choice a few years ago and have never looked back.  Changing your reaction to events will change the outcome.  Through Laughter Wellness exercises this is possible and will change your general feeling.  It is good at work and at home and can help you in your quest to find happiness.

I look forward to sharing my GIFT of Laughter with you and your organization.  Please feel free to contact me.  +971 8041393  Jo-Dee

jodee DeD